Premium WordPress Theme Road Fighter


RoadFighter theme is perfectly designed with all the necessary features that is the basic demand of most of the business owners. The theme comes with full width slider on the home page that allows the user to upload any size of image. The theme is simple and cleanly designed.

It will require just a single click to get installed on your website. Let’s have a quick look, what you have in this theme:

  • Full Width Slider
  • 3 Column Feature Area
  • Testimonial Area
  • Blog Feature
  • Tagline Feature

More About RoadFighter

RoadFighter is a template which is really simple to use just requires a single click to install. Now all you have to do is to edit the text and add your own images & your website is READY to use.

The Theme allows the user to show his blogposts on the frontpage. Moreover the user will be able to limit the number of posts on the home page. Hence the main Home Page is always updated on the release of new blogposts. Hence the site is more Search Engine friendly.

The Theme has a simple layout which attracts the clients to the Website. It’s Time to Focus on Building Your Business, Not on Building Your Website.

The best thing about RoadFighter theme is the ease with the help of which you can convert your Website in various different Niches. “Your Clients Would Love Their Site & You Would smile in the back thinking about the Time That You Spend Building their Sites.”

RoadFighter theme is perfect for building quick business website and is used for easy blogging with a clean and modern interface and tons of features. The layout does not distract from your content, which is vital for a site devoted to business & blogging.

Features of RoadFighter

RoadFighter comes with various features. Any business owner who wants to create a nice website for yoga, photography, interior design, etc. can use the theme. The images will look perfect in the slider. Moreover, it can be used for various niches. Let’s know about the features of the RoadFighter.

  • Simple and clean design
  • A full width slider on the home page in order to upload any desired size of images.
  • Various Templates like Full Width template, Blog template and Contact Us template.
  • Different color skins for changing the color of the website.
  • Top right contact details on the website so that the users can directly interact with the owner for any queries or doubts.
  • The theme is well compatible with the plugin.
  • Completely responsive
  • Social Icons so that if a user likes the website they can also visit your social networks.
  • Nice and clean effects that will make the look of website more attractive.
  • Tap to call feature that will allow the users to communicate with you via mobile phones, iPhone, etc.

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